Zygnema - Shell Broken Hell Loose Songtexte

Follow his vice, unruly bastard
No direction, blinded device,

Spoken words - Unbelieved
Your pride is Sick.

It's a murder, my thoughts diseased,

My defiance has been ignored
Deceiving a wise corrupt,
My Sweat will fucking yield.

I don't need no friends to make my cure, 

through shaken hands.

Tears will flood your house, your veins, your stand has broken down

It never ends, It'll never end.

You are the heart of Religious malice
Strengthened fraud on weakened cry,

Mastered a fake demise
I'm Alive.

You weren't a goddess: a glaring error
My defiance has been ignored
I wont rest, You glory-hole Bitch,
Your Pride is Fucking Sick.

I don't need no friends to make my cure,

through shaken hands.

Scriptures that breed you peace,

An evil clan conspires
It never ends, it'll never end

All my days are over to know I've been living a lie
Silence - proclaimed, abrasive aggression

I'm qualified to explode

I've been made, never again.

Broken down, the shell has,

I'll tackle you with an Iron Fist,

I am certain,

You're bold, but I will Crush you

Shell Broken, Hell Loose

You cant bring me down I'm already lost
Out of my own bounds, broke days inside,

All this never ends, never ending pain
I still contemplate if you're worth the fight.
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