Eminem - Crazy In Love Şarkı Sözleri

Tell myself that I was doing alright
Theres nothing left to do tonight
I go crazy on you,
crazy on you,
Let me go crazy, crazy on you, whoooo

[Verse 1]
Can't you see what you do to me baby?
You make me crazy, you make me act like a maniac.
Im like a lunatic, you make me sick
You're truly the only one who can do this to me
You just make me get so crazy.
I go schizo, I get so insane I just go skitzophrenic
One minute I want to slit your throat
The next I want sex.
You make me crazy,
the way we act like 2 maniacs in the sack
We fuck like 2 jackrabbits
And maybe thats a bad habit.
Cuz the next day we
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