Eminem - Life After Death (MGK DISS RESPONSE) Şarkı Sözleri

The rap devil, the pot calling the black kettle
Let's back peddle
Back when you were that fellow
In Detroit singing Lose Yourself
At St. Andrew's Hall
I get it you love Slim, but what about Mathew, dawg?
Stan, I think you need your pills, you're having a damn withdrawal
I thought you got counseling from being banned by your rapping god
But Subway needs a new pedo, I heard Jared's gone
Put that in your file, you child molestor
I see your smile and gesture
Stay in your lane or the hit the brakes and pause
Before you crash and end up faint intake exhaust-ed
I'm crazy enough to jump in an ocean to just lay with the sharks
I came back dry with Meg dangling from my mangling jaws
Damn I'm crazy, you're just a Shady clone, a manikin doll
Get frantic and call the Vatican I'm attacking them all
Crucifixion, you's a fiction, caricature
Took a real gangsta's name and made yourself comparable
You're just a regular 'thot' named Sarah from the trailer park
And before you dare say I sound like Slim and biting his glaring art
Check my resume you'll find the clarification mark
Next to my name the best in the game with less than the fame
That I deserve, more than I've made 300k checks in the bank check
I'm too dope even though I bag ya'll up like new coke
I just scream to get people's attention, don't be fooled sport
It's good for publicity too if i yell from here they'll hear me in New York
Straight to Europe and back to Chicago where I'm chilling smoking a Newport
I never come too short like Danny Devito
I just blaze them like pulled pork
And rape them with full force
Taking a shot at me is like shooting from full court
I don't know Marshall but that really doesn't Mathers
I just know he murdered you and your ghost responded after
Fuck you and I speak for everyone else in this matter
How does it feel rapping from the other side where you're left
Guess I can sleep OK tonight knowing there's life after death
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