Eminem - Lunch Truck Freestyle Şarkı Sözleri

Okay folks, enough with the gay jokes,
Especially from a gay broke bitch yourself, aye Lok?
His style is dodo,
You've worked here longer then me, and I get paid more then you do
Dog, take a seat,
What's this guy standin' in line for? He ain't got money to eat!
Yo, yo, this guy cashed his whole check, and bought one hoho,
Fuckin' homo, little maggot, you can't hack it
Paul's gay, you're a faggot
'Least he admits it, don't even risk it
This guy's starvin' to death, someone get him a biscuit!
I don't know what they told you, Mike
You must of had them cornrow's rolled too tight
Your job, you wanna quit but you can't
You've worked at this plant so long, you're a plant!
Look at your god damn boots,
For christ sakes they're startin' to grow roots
On this mic you be faded,
You look like a pissed off rapper who never made it
Aye why you fuckin' with the gay guy G?
When really your the one who's got the HIV
Man I'm done with this clown, that's all
Fuck it, I'll let home girl finish you off.
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