Eminem - The Presentation Şarkı Sözleri

Em could i borrow you for a little while.....


you see this book

yess, i see it

you touch it, it will blow you're mind out, and you will become the man, you will become everything you have to be, this is you're destination, you will grow up, because i know you're a child right now, you're about 15, 16, i think?

No! not really man, i gotta go yo! just....

Don't waist you're time use it, it will blow a rap out of your mind

you mean freestyle

no i mean the words that are in you're head right now, TAKE IT!!!!!!!

ok, huh! shshshshshssh

Theres a difficult man, he's trying to stand, he think he da man, he's trying to steal my adetities he's a loser, who nis he a damn witch, get him out this b**** he's a guy, but i don't no why, he is standin' in my way, i gotta go, this book is a fantasticaion, what a station, like a playstation, this book is not my destination, this book is...well! a presentaion!!
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