AMADEA - I Still Kiss Your Lips Lyrics

Some people say that love does not last long.
I say those people are completely wrong.
With every single day I love you more.
Each day our love grows stronger than before.
I always pray for you: with all my heart I pray.
I pray your sunny smile will never fade away.
With all my soul, with all my utter tenderness
I ask the Lord to fill your life with happiness!

I still kiss your lips and hair while you are asleep.
My eternal love for you is strong and deep.
Regardless of the hard time that we have been through
I thank God for every single day
Ill thank God for every single day with you!

Whenever it seems like everything goes wrong,
Remember, our love will keep us strong.
No matter where you go and what you do.
Ill never leave your side: Ill stand by you
Well stay together and well never go astray,
Well weather any storm: well always find a way.
No one can take away what's given from above.
Time has no power over everlasting love!
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