Frank Sinatra - Medley: The Gal That Got Away/It Never Entered My Mind Şarkı Sözleri

The night is bitter,
the stars have lost
their glitter,
the winds grow colder,
suddenly you're a lot older
and all because of
a gall that got away.

No more her eager calls,
the writing is on the wall
all those dreams you dream,
they have all gone astray

The gall who won you
she's run off and undone you;
the great beginning
has seen its final inning.
I don't know what happened -
it's all a crazy game.

no more, no more
that all time thrill
because you have been put through the mill -
and never a new love
will ever be the same.

Once I laughed when
I heard you saying
that I'd be playing solitaire,
uneasy in my easy chair.

It never entered my mind
Once you told me
I was mistaken
That I'd awaken
with the sun
and order orange juice for one.

It never entered my mind
you have - what I lack myself
and now I even have to scratch my back myself.
Once you warned me
that if you scorned me
I'd say lover's prayer again
and wish that you were there again
to get into my hair again,
it never entered my mind.

Good riddance, goodbye
every trick of hers you are onto,
but fools will be fools
and where's she gone?
where has she gone?
The road gets rougher
it's lonelier and it's tougher
With hope you burn up
tomorrow maybe she'll turn up
there ain't no letter
at all, night and day
ever since, ever since
this world began -
there aint nothing sadder than
a long? loser
looking for his gall
who got away.
Please, come back and fuck me hard!
Won't you come back.?
mmmmh... mmmmh...
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