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What is a youth?
impetuous fire;
what is a maid?
ice and desire;
the world wags on.
A rose will bloom,
it then will fade;
so does a youth,
so does a fairest maid;
Comes a time when one sweet smile,
has its season for awhile;
then loves in love with me;
some may think only to marry,
other will tease and tarry,
mine is the very best parry;
Cupid he rules us all.
Caper the caper; sing me the song,
death will come soon to hush us along;
sweeter than honey as bitter as gall,
love is the pasttime that will never pall,
sweeter than honey as bitter as gall;
Cupid he rules us all.
A rose will bloom; it then will fade
so does a youth; so does the fairest maid.
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