Iceage - Everything Drifts Şarkı Sözleri

My hands search for a stab
Target is unclear
Substance seems more vital
For each jab sincere
Roses crawl up my ankles
Lillies leading my arms
Maybe we were made for this
Causing harm

Dare you look into the abyss
Confront what you received
There's a vile fury within us
Despite what you've been fed

Everything drifts
Soon it's gone
Can't find a place to stay
Nature is violence
Bow in it's grace

We drove through the veins of
It's statues chest
You come empowered
But power sparks fear
Manifestation of power
In grateful awe
When in it's presence
I fall to my knees

Raise your fist
For the depraved roses
Raise it today
Everything drifts
Soon it's gone
Don't find a place to stay
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