Lady Gaga - Strangers Şarkı Sözleri

(Verse 1)
I see one thing comin' at me. I'm the little girl and you and you're friends are the Strangers. You take me away to nowhere anyone will find us. We hide, we deny all the things we've done to one another. Going crazy over you. You're a alien in disguise. So extraterrestrial. I'm a hooker you work for the government.

I'm so proud of you, you sexual creature. Hoooooooooker! We're gonna drink until we die. We'll die together. We're sexual lovers.*music* F**k everything else. I'll f**k you all f**kin' night. I bet I can make you yell until you're f**kin' lungs burst. You'll never be unusual to me. I may not like your friend but they still aren't Strangers, Strangers, Strangers! Hooooooooker!

(Verse 2)
Loving, calling out to my gay friends they're f**ked up bad. We're bad, bad, bad, bad! You may be transgendered but I still love you. A transgendered alien. So mpossible. No, alien birth. I met you. Love at first sight. Transgendered alie birth, I tell you I'm not kidding. I never kid around baby!

Hooooooooookers! Alien birth. Bisexuality! (x2) Too many times if told yooooooooooooooou!
Strangers, Strangers, Strangers! Bisexuality, bisexuality, bisexuality!
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