Lil Happy Lil Sad - No Name (feat. Solonely) Şarkı Sözleri

I feel no shame, girl I'm a no name
If I go my own way will u still stay
If I ever have to go will u let me
Switchin lanes, if I fall will u help me

You is always on my mind cant believe it
How I tried to make u mine and I reached it
And I'm still getting high cause I need it
On the surface I am fine, whats beneath it

Am I dreaming, girl whats our reason
I try to find myself in here like girl whats my meaning
Feel like I'm sleeping, get low from my feelings
Get high to relieve it, I fly and I'm leaving

I feel no shame, girl I'm a no name
If I find my own lane will u still stay
I'm beaten down, and I cry I cant feel shit
Then I look into ur eyes and I feel it

U remind me of the good times, u remind me how I used to feel
U get me ridin on some good vibes, u remind me how it used to be
U remind me of the good times shawty give me good vibes bitch is real
U put me in a good mind, shawty give me good highs and its all surreal
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