Rihanna - Love Is The Only Way Şarkı Sözleri

baby, baby
i found you one day.
lonely, bored, going nowhere.
you were at a bar.
drinking from a far.
and looking off into space.

i came up to you.
asked you, how do you do.
and we struck up a conversation.
it turned real personal.
and with me, became a sensation.

baby, baby
i found in you.
something oh so true.
i knew at the time.
i wanted you as mine.
i asked you to date.
and you said that would be oh so great.
from there we went somewhere.
and love was in the air.

baby, baby
over time,
you grew to be mine.
i did not want to lose you.
i did not want to screw you.
i found in you a love so true.
i want to keep it forever.
you and me always together.

baby, baby
one day after some time.
i would ask you a most precious line.
i asked you to marry me.
you said, i agree.
and together, we went off to be married.

baby, baby
in you i found a love oh so true.
it is pure, and white.
something true in my heart.
in you all my dreams come alive.
you give me joy, euphoria, and vibe.
with you, i gave my heart all the way.
for you baby, love is the only way.

love is the only way.
love is the only way.
love is the only way.
believe it true, baby.
it is true everyday.
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