Rihanna - Mix It Up Şarkı Sözleri

Gonna try a diffrent color gonna love one another nothing's gonna be the same never gonna play the same game so different so many it's not gonna be the same way Been there done that your really gonna stay like that? run run it's so fun walk walk jog jog too young to get a job
Switch it up fuse it up can't get enough of time for me to do it do it now do it proud do it loud it's time for me totototototto mix it up never gonna be afraid mix it up don't care if i don't get paid mix it up not to late mix it up mix it uuuup different story different day i could care less if somebody does a mess of something plenty on my plate take something off that's so great
i'm not gonna be the same happy, mad, glad or sad time time for me too mix it up different emotions oh yeah
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