RWBY - Blake Mix Şarkı Sözleri

Born with no life
Into subjugation
Treated like a worthless animal
Stripped of all rights
Just a lesser being
Crushed by cruel, ruthless Human rule

When it started
All we wanted was a chance to live our lives
Now in darkness
Taking everything we want and we will rise
We'll rise
We'll rise

From shadows
We'll descend upon the world
Take back what you stole
From shadows
We'll reclaim our destiny
Set our future free
And we'll rise
And we'll rise

Above the darkness and the shame
Above the torture and the pain
Above the ridicule and hate
Above the binding of our fate

Call us liars
Degenerates, and killers
Psychos, heartless, insane criminals
Stupid, mutts and
Nothing but pure evil
Primal, bloodshed, is all that's left to do

We're misguided?
Treated like we're criminals and we should hide
Born indicted
Tired of being pushed around and we will fly
We'll fly
We'll fly

From shadows
We'll descend upon the world

From shadows
We'll reclaim our destiny

See, you'll never understand what I feel, what I see
What's going through my mind, how it feels being me
All the struggles, all the fights, long days, longer nights
Trying to search for this happiness lost in the lights
But it seems that it's all, just out of my sight
Just out of my reach, can't seem to get it right
Like I'm cursed with this turbulence placed in my life
Can't push or pull it, stuck up in this bull pit
Cycle of pain, all this stress in my brain
I'm just trying to maintain, cause I'm going insane
But no matter what I do, the cries go unheard
Yet I still believe in you, every breath, every word
Every smile, every glance, could be another chance
That you'll finally see, the love that is me
So until that time, I'll follow every day
Every step of the way, and continue to say

Go where you need to
Know I won't leave you
I'll follow you like morning follows night
You can run 'till your pain's through
One thing I won't do
Is let you go alone to face the fight
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