Sertab Erener - Mad Love Şarkı Sözleri

There's something funny goin' around
It moves from heart to heart
One day You're up and yhe next upside down
And that's the easy part
It's not sentimental noble or brave
It's foolish and unfair
But it's fundamental the one thing you crave
Fire, water, air


You're so in love you could do some crazy stuff
You're so in lust that too much just ain'T enough
You're so insane that they might lock you up
But, hey, you're in luck, cause it's mad, mad love

You want an answer, you need a cure
The whole thing'S so intese
Though there's no answer, and nothing is sure
It all makes perfect sense
Bu şarkı sözü 1858 kere okundu.