Soundtrack - Brace Me Up Şarkı Sözleri

Who am I, where am I going?
Here I sits alll alone not knowing why.
Brace me up, I'm so dscouraged.
Help, I think I';m gonna die.
How it hurts to be a no one
How I wish I was someone really loved.
Brace me up, I'm such a failure.
Heaven, help me, up above.
Isn't there a someone with a hand to spare?
Who can share what they have for my hunger?
Isn't there a someone who will take me as I am
And brace me up, not piut me down.
Make me feel like I'm as good as another!
Doubts and fears keep comin' faster,
Boy I'm headed for disaster, that's for sure.
Brace me up, I'm going under.
Help, somebody, find a cure.
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