Soundtrack - Drive My Crazy - Kevin Lyttle Şarkı Sözleri

na na na na na na na na,
na na na na na na na na yeah

she's got the touch i love so much,
But now I'm disappointed

under her spell she had me crushed i sworn I was
*anointed* (*got caught* by her magic)
she had me drooling for a while (with her sexual motion)
like taking candy from a child (*suck* on her love potion)
i can't believe the changes she's made since i met my baby, you know

she drives me crazy (on and on) cause she's having my baby(she goes on and on)
she drives me crazy (on and on)
and I thought she was a lady (on and on)
like a volcano she erupts blowing up my pager
(every minute every hour)
Whoo whoo Ain't nothing sweet bout this erupt
i chose the right flavor (now life's a living torture)
Oh no never trusted a pretty smiles
(cause looks are deceiving)sexy walk my love profound
(pretty girls are misleading)
*lesson learned* don't judge a book by
looking at the cover, you know


my crib, my Benz, my lute she falls
her is all that matters(that's the way she wants it)
I said that I could never starve*
or be played by a player (and now I'm being flaunted)
Now i'm stuck with her for life (she's having my shorty)
She could never be my wife
(cause it's my baby's mommy)My homies tried to show me signs
I was to caught up to listen
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