Various Artists - Careful My Toe Şarkı Sözleri

As the Prince anxiously waited, the stepmother took matters,
and Florinda's foot, into her own hands.

Careful my toe!

Darling I know

What do we do?

It'll have to go.
But when you're his bride
you can sit or ride,
you'll never have to walk!

(Florinda screeches)

Minus one toe, Florinda mounted the Prince's horse,
unaware of the blood dripping from the slipper.
Lucinda was next.

Why won't it fit?

Darling be still.
Cut off a bit of the heel and it will.
And when you're his wife,
you'll have such a life,
You'll never need to walk!

(Lucinda screeches)

Minus a heel, Lucinda did her best to swallow the pain.

It's a perfect fit, Your Highness.
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