Various Artists - Don't Stop Şarkı Sözleri

Won't stop 'til the casket drop
The shit don't pop, better believe I have that work on the block
With my left on the hammer, the other on a knot
Niggaz wanna scheme and plot, shit - this all I got
Pull his ass out the drop - nigga we ain't playin witchu hoes
Let the heat blow, nigga just eat those
And I don't give a fuck, nigga go get your peoples
Nigga, I ring your girl bell and blast through the peephole
Here's how I put that ass in a sleep hold
Twenty-four/seven in creep mode, nigga you ain't safe
Fuck your girl in the face while your lame ass tuggin her
Now she sex like a porno chick, way I was pluggin her
Seven to the max, know I broke the governor
Bitch got a fetish for me? You still in love with her
Dawg I had that all, so I only want some of her
When she finish pity(?) talkin motherfuck her, I'm done with her
"Call Tasha again, and I'ma kill you myself - you hear me dawg?
I don't play, I ain't with really with this phone shit;
just the only way I could get at you - don't call Tasha back"
That's how we do that shit, it's like this
"You heard me? Don't call her back... don't don't don't do it"
Aiyyo, yo ("Huh? Straight up")
This shit in pocket baby
We stitchin this shit up, you just follow us
We hold the streets up - you couldn't beat us with hammers
We got retarded strength
. and we ain't runnin for nothin
'cept for the escape after we push them gun buttons
(Pa-pow!) Now you gettin out the way
Shots poppin out the Ace leave people's shit swollen
It's my style to flip
Niggaz is bogus, we come through and shut down the set
Yo Hav' - it's our time my nigga
Our music grab these niggaz and show 'em how it's did
Multi-million dollar mobsters
300, 000 dollar cars and hit the streets if you want to
(Ay nigga) And still keep it thug too
You couldn't pull us out the streets, we got deep roots
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