VOCALOID - Aimless Şarkı Sözleri

Time keeps on passing by
But I lost my sense long time ago

As the seasons change
And the Earth is spinning
I'm just standing still

What is your dream?
What is your goal?

When there is no answer, can you just show me the way?

"Believe in yourself,
Keep your head up high!"
Those words already lost their meaning
But I try
Again with a numb smile
Just dragged along by everyday

"Happiness" is just a memory
From careless days

Nobody understands me
Though I know
That I'm really not alone

The question keeps on piling up
Answers nowhere to be found
Is it ok for me
Just to be alive?

Slowly my vision is blurring
The worries fading away

I will be also okay
If I just pretend

They say everyone is special
We want to believe
Though we are all replaceable
Telling lies everyday

Pretending to be happy...
We really are all the same
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