VOCALOID - Dear Diary (Oliver) Şarkı Sözleri

It's another boring monday
And I couldn't care much less for what the teachers say
So I'll take advantage of the time and catch up on my sleep

It's another tired tuesday
I'm barely awake
The faculties abuzz with news; a new student, they say
The new girl's stirring up some trouble, it would seem

You stole
My attention with the news
And so I'll write about it
For the twenty-first of june

Even if it's just a little footnote with a star,
Something separates this moment from the others
My life,
It always had a way of arranging
But now I find it's changing
Even if it's just a glance from you to me shared from afar,
I would never trade this moment for another
Ah, dear diary, I write in red 'cause
These words come straight from the heart.


It's a real exciting wednesday
Have you heard?
The class erupted with laughter,
Hung on your words
And in an instant, I was falling for your spell

All too suddenly it's thursday
I worked up some nerve
To face you and your blinding smile,
Although it hurts
I guess that girl is really something; I can tell.


You drew
My interest with your words
And so I wrote you in my notes
For june the twenty-third.

The lights grew dim and there you stood
As though waiting just for me
Though your back was turned,
"Just look my way,"
I pleaded.

It was friday
With a smile you turned and asked me for my name
Like a spark of fire I realized what I needed
My life,
It always had a way of arranging
And I like the way it's changing

Now with you here at my side, the days, they don't seem quite as long
This once grayscale scene is now alive with color
And I would never trade this for another,
This moment I'll share with you.

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