Witchdoctor - Dez Only 1 Şarkı Sözleri

Deep in the steaming jungle

The eerie sound of the voodoo drums tell us that

This is the night

My confess

We sinners lord

Dez only 1

Book you got cooked (x3)

God sent you some warriors

Plus we tellers of the stories


Book you got cooked (x2)

Check it out, uh

If in this life

I strive to please Him

In this day and night

I'm not always right

Even when I'm wrong

You should be afraid to anger Him

Cause you could be gone

Him don't need us

It's the other way round

Do you know what I'm talking about

When I say Him, clown?

You can't look at nobody

And say that's Him

Cause He's invisible

Yet visible, this is critical

Relying on our own abilities you lose

You need him

To help make your bumpy ride a cruise

Ask Magic about him

Or any strong believer

He's the quarterback

We the receivers

Catching blessings

Better than touchdowns

I seek him when

Niggas wanna buck me down

Him holds many holy titles

Him has many names

Him has many bibles

The devil can't deal with Him, uh

He tempted me but you see

I'm still with Him

Listen close

All brothers are men

Him is responsible for all colors and kin

I bust with Him

If only I can fully trust in Him

I'm glad to be stuck with Him

Rather have Him than money

I'm serious

He'll get you once you become curious

Lord, give me happy, long life

Real good sex with the wife

No traveling with bodyguards

It's just a real nigga godly entourage

God sent you some warriors

Plus we tellers of the stories

Book you got cooked (x3)


My relationship with the God

Is kind of odd

The nigga the B-I-G won't part

Feeling the presence up in my heart

But never no chicken to the nigga

In on that style like that

Talking about the way the Lord

Be lifting these burdens up off my back

Better that I bust raps

The way that I cut that

Ho you couldn't

You trying too hard, you better find Him

I'm hoping you understood it

Could it be (What?)

The niggas around the way

Don't really be thinking about the consequences

Under the circumstances

Until you pinch them

Then a nigga be one to listen (Why?)

Cause you woke that ass up

Yoke that ass up

Proving the man in the sky

That holds that ass up

But it's over now

He cut off

Some niggas done broke you clean off

But got to get on your knees

And praise the only

Now your soul lost

Now, OK, now

The sun shines

The moon glows

The wind blows

The rain falls

But that aint all

My heart thumps on a rhythm y'all

And birds call

And two can fall madly in love

Oh, I think grow

They stop and stare in awe

Because we in his likeness

Hoping and praying that one-day

In the lab they might just

Stumble on some kind of way

To create human beings

So far

Human kind is the only thing I'm seeing

Dez only 1

God sent you some warriors

Plus we tellers of the stories

Book you got cooked (x3)

(Repeat to fade out)
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