Withered - The Dying Sunset Şarkı Sözleri

When the last tear has been shed
and my last wounds have bled
I return to the mournful night.
The sorrowful comfort eases my soul.
For again I have been betrayed,
in the far I could even see
the tempest drawing near.

My dark refuge,
you have waited for me.
Now I shall be eternally yours.
In the eyes of the stranger,
a glimpse of you I saw
and yearned to be again
at one with darkness.

I stand and watch the dying sunset.
Will it return at dawn?
Or will the clouds cast upon me
a day of dank greyness?

I lie here under the stars
and my heart summons the pain.
Dulcet and calm is my despair now,
for at last I seem to understand.

The wolf I saw on that December night,
I long to glance at his eyes again.
Like mirrors they seemed,
and what I saw was me,
yet it was not only
the reflection of his tears...

In them I could see his life,
empty, oblivious but full of knowledge.
Endlessly, searching like me....

Now when the trust has been broken
I return to the December darkness.
The distant storm seems to be growing weak.
Still is the night, I inhale the smell of the woods
and my heart grows colder and stronger.

My heart once burned with a flame of hope.
Now I only yearn to be blown by the winds
and flow in the endless night sky,
to never return to you...
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