Wyrd Sisters - Another Dreamless Sleep Şarkı Sözleri

If you're looking for an answer
do not turn your glance my way
if you're looking for some meaning
I've got nothing left to say
if you're looking for some mercy
come on back some other day
I am hanging on the edges of my mind
and another dreamless sleep

there's a black cat in the alley
and she's calling me to come
full moon coming up
and she's calling me to run
if I cannot let them go now
I will surely come undone
'cause I cannot keep the fragments held as one
in another dreamless sleep

in the absence of salvation
we have turned our face to fate
in the absence of decision
we let goodness fall away
while we think we're getting stronger
we grow weaker everyday
'cause we do not see the secret of the soul
it's in another dreamless sleep
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