Wyrd Sisters - Back Into Your Arms Şarkı Sözleri

what I've seen could make the sainted lose their faith
and what I've done myself has made me turn and walk away
from who I was and had intended to become in this life of mine

I've seen the lies of the lover and the scars of the leaver
and it's that fear and desperation turns the faithless to believers
and though I lied and lied and lied I'd not intended to deceive her again

and I cried:
ah, take me back into your arms
ah, bring me home again
ah, take me back into your arms
and on and on and on...
I went back out into the darkness to try to find my fear
'cause I've seen that nameless sinner in my faces in the mirror
and though I call out for forgiveness it's never clear if it's come or it's gone


we feel the scars of the lover and the lies of the leaver
and in our fear and desperation we are faithless or believer
and though we lie and lie and lie we're not intending to deceive ourselves

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