Yael Deckelbaum - Through & Through Şarkı Sözleri

Look at everything around you
See the sun it's shining it's so beautiful
There is so much to give praise for
A whole world out there designed especially for you
To go through

First you sat in mummy's belly
Now you stand upon the belly of the world
Don't believe I ever saw it
Now I think perhaps the body of the world has a soul too
To go through & through

You can see the holy city
Has a heart its beating It's so powerful
And a face that is so pretty
People fighting over it trying to gain control
Over it's soul
Well if you want control start with your own soul

Cause you can't own a city
You can't own a mountain
You can't own the sun & you can't own the moon
When it's all gone it all comes down to you
To go through & through
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