C. Duck Anderson & Nate Richert - The Long Walk Home Şarkı Sözleri

Standin' in the Winter streets
The wind, it bites my skin
So I disappear into my coat and start to walk again
The street lamp lights look like the sun
Shown faintly through the snow
I follow them like breadcrumbs hoping they will lead me home

I cross a bridge and look on down
The river's frozen still
I can feel my destination closer
Somewhere past that hill
The cars pass by like comets
Splash their tails of slush on me
I never thought this journey'd be so hard
Although I knew it wouldn't be easy

A man strides by and tips his hat
As if to say hello
All I could think to myself is
How did I ever get so low
I step into a bar and order whiskey on the rocks
The ice melts from my head and
Runs right down to my socks

The women dance
There's a false romance
On the faces in the crowd
I have to leave my ears they ring
The music is so loud
I freeze again, but I feel so numb
The whiskey did the trick
My stomach churns
My chest it burns
I'm starting to feel sick

I stumble on and hum a song
I learned when I was young
About a man falsely accused
But somehow still was hung
I see the churches steeple
Like a high and mighty sign
It seems to help me rest assured
I just don't mind dying

I sit down on the roadside
Take a load off of my feet
And contemplate my yesterdays
And softly pass asleep
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