Daniel Norgren - The Comedian Şarkı Sözleri

I was a big name reputation
I was married to a stage
A man wan carried out once from suffocation
With his asshole in his lungs and bursted veins

But now I'm nothing but sad and lonely
It's bad this heart the drain stings
She was aplageing hidden dagger
In the front row dressed in pink

Her eyes were hollows andyellow flesh starring
On top of a thin straight neck like owls
She was a freight train and I was sure pulling
I even think I heard her growl

And every night I saw her sitting there
Right on my mantle piles
I lost my temper and I flung out a chair
Landed smack and killed a young man

My brain snapped and I got wild and rageous
They pulled me off the stage by force
Tipped tan man and I kept fighting
Howling and drooling like a horse

Then I was locked up and isolated
With a strangest cases in the stay
Threw the bars to right up on the last door
Can read my name on a plain

And every night I dream the same old dream
It never reaches the end

I see myself when the curtains falls
Pink lady on trumpet hear my drowsy band

Ooh ohhhhh oh oh ohohhhoooo
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