Lachrimatory - Clarity Lyrics

Beyond this tomb of powerlessness
The abismal fear of my existence
Translate the opaque vision of my death
In the empty of this room

I shall be forever raptured
By torture and sickness of my mind

The shape of the things, the light is disappering
And it's molding my wicked being
All your beauty was even
So nothing remained to feel
Only crooked memories

Slowly I'm falling into my own regret
Distress... And pain
Feelings joining into one

Increasing despair
The doors closed by the scars of life

There is no reason, and nothing remained to be said

This is the end. Forever
I will feel this empty wound in my heart
Burning, in cold ashes

Pale and deafening lamentation
In dense layers
I will feel this empty wound
Although masked, in my heart
But burning, in cold ashes
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