Frank Sinatra - All The Way Home Şarkı Sözleri

Bluebirds, flowers
Sunshine and showers
Sunsets and rainbows
On skies of red and blue

Badges, whistles
Rockets and missiles
Puppies, kittens
And penny candy too

You make me feel so new
Like carnivals and carousels
Popsicles and wishing wells
And I am so in love with you

I can't believe it's true
We're gonna make it all the way home

Magic potions
Incense and lotions
Bells, books and candles
Can make a witches brew

But I don't need witches
Love spells or riches
You are my treasure
My fairy tale come true

With you is where I'll stay
All the time, anywhere
Turn around and I'll be there
It was I, now it's we

And I know it will be
You and me, all the way home
Me and you, all the way home
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