K. Forest - Low Low Şarkı Sözleri

I've been looking
For so long
I forgot what I was looking for
I've been looking high
I've been looking low
High and low
I've been carrying
So much weight
All this love and all this hate
I've been carrying high
I've been carrying low
High and low
I've been working oh so hard
I've been traveling
Near and far
I've been traveling high
I've been traveling low
High and low
What stories will they tell
When I do go
Will they say I rode the swell
Rode it high, rode it low
High and low
I've been living fast and slow
I've been pretending that I don't know
Living high living low
High and low
I've been gliding to and fro
I've been colliding with the ebb and flow
Riding high, riding low
High and low
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