The Dying Arts - Control Şarkı Sözleri

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Twisting in me, how did it start
So unaware, falling apart
Sign of the times, drawing the line
Waiting to feel, hoping I'll find
Waiting outside, waiting alone
Clutching my pride, denial of being alone

Losing control, fall on my feet
Eager to please, eager to speak
Try to fit in, playing the part
Hoping I'll be, same as they are
Sleeping through days, pounding of time
Ticking away, patience my crime
Living outside, living alone
Never a fear, never of being alone

Ocean of ghosts, time in the air
Wade in the tide, they won't despair
Cynical drifts, paying no doubt
We never learn, crash and we're out
Close to the clear, a moment I had
Is it supposed, supposed to bleed this bad
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