Wings Of Icarus - Snake In The Grass Şarkı Sözleri

Your silence, is sickening
Against the snake in the grass
He's unworthy, of the air you breathe
Of the air he breathes

Everytime she smiles
She's lying to your face
She was the brightest star
But she, fell from grace
Nothing seems real
Except the blade
All because of you
The brightest star will fade!

Wake up, and know that i care
Wake up, i'll always be there for you
So just open your eyes
And know that your safe (when your by my side)

Can't beleive you
Left her there to rust (left her there to rust)
Left her in the dust (left her in the dust)
Broken heart and trust (you left her there)
Left her there to rust

My love, i'd do, anything for you,
Just to, see you smile again!

Let's make him see justice!
And make him pay for this!
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