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The morning sun is shining today
But is still cold in the battle field
A lot of bodies in the ground I saw
My legs chill when I think 'bout their pain

Eagles fly so as the souls
Who go to a better place
Looking down the both cries
'Cause the Devil is taking the lead

When they are there
Don't want to go nowhere
A good place
With so much hope

This is a place where eagles fly
This is the Winter Sky

Winter Sky

The Devil laughs
When he stares above
And see no eagles
And no morning sun

He sees a place
Where nobody wants to go
And he think of how stupid we are
Destroying the sky
Destroying the seas

The moon's in the sky tonight
And it's cold like all days
All is dark and evil's everywhere
But there in the sky, there's no eagles flying

The souls that scape
Are happy in heaven
But those who don't
Suffer in the ground

The rain is heavy
The wind runs
The Devil laughs
Men cry

This is a place where eagles cry
This is the Winter Sky

Winter Sky
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