Wire Daisies - Wake Up Şarkı Sözleri

Well here we go rock and roll and I just wanna say
I find you picture perfect in every way
Why do you haunt me so much
I feel the weight of your touch
It feels like heaven when you're next to me
So come on up, smell the roses
What do you do to me

Wake up 'cause you know I'm falling further every day
Wake up 'cause this time I will not let you get away
Wake up 'cause you know I really need to call you
Don't wanna call you a friend

Why can't I lose these ties that I just don't need
I'll keep you up all night cause I'm willing to please
Why do you haunt me so much
Why do you play with my love
It feels like heaven when you're touching me
So come on up smell the roses
Want do you do to me

Come on lie down beautiful there's nothing to say
Why don't you look me in the eyes let me take you away
You wanna have a little laugh then slip down sweet
You wanna take it on strong toughen up in the heat
Why don't you set me loose so I can hear you sigh
Feel your body breathing feel you next to mine
You wanna be a good girl what's your sin
You wanna play until the morning cause you know it fits in
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