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How Can The Hollow Dream?

My Inner sanctum unveiled in vain
before you, the soulless.
Deceiving are your eyes to me,
they make me see reality in my dreams.
Grant me the sleep of ecstatic dream
to keep the memory in the
dark depths of my heart.
Awake I must remember the path
to escape from the light of day...

When I have lost the path,
with contempt I cut my own hands.
Now my soul has bled its last drop of blood
and I am ready to live empty with you.

Soulless, I believed you are my soul-mate
for you have made me deeply hollow inside.
Still your eyes are deceiving to me.
Could you find a soul emptier than me...?

I lie bloodless in despair,
waiting for your return.
I know you will not fail me
for our hollow souls are one.

I look deep into the eyes of the storm
that screams above me.
I do not fear the growing tempest
for it knows that in the end I will prevail.

Tell me now, do I need you?
proceed this journey?
I think we both do know
I will end up here in the end.
Only a glimpse it takes my eyes
to bring me back here.

Forever I am to tread on thorny paths.
but to night I fly on the wings of a dream.
Dream of beauty never to be seen.
(Your beauty lies in my agonized scream)

You can kiss me to night
and abandon me
when I have fallen asleep.
Ignore my cries, but when you call
I will creep on bleeding knees.

Will you call again or is this the end...?
(Towards my sanctum)
I have begun wandering
and I will never unveil it again.

Cry for me - of despair begotten.
Cry for me - of life forgotten.
(Bring me peace)

And your song comes
howling with the night wind
and the storm takes me away.
Now your ghosts haunt me...
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