Withered - Orchestrated Screams Şarkı Sözleri

Orchestrated Screams

I arrive (Awake?)
I lie under the long dead trees
that stand so tall but lifeless.
Though, they still seem to grow
and talk to me
for they are a part of my soul.

The wolves sing,
I remember their cries
from the dream.
They sang so beautifully,
orchestrated screams.
Shadows move around me,
they have found me,
but within in time
I must leave once again.

Stars shine on the evening sky,
the fog grows thicker.
Shadows cast
by the pale moonlight,
drowned in the mist.
Sing for me the most
profound music of sorrow,
for your song must guide me back.

My withered flower,
I will not disappoint you.
I shall be there when
the ghosts haunt your sleep.
Your soul is deep,
and full of unknown dreams.
Sleep tonight and dream of me...
And at dawn you will know your destiny...
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