Wolfmare - Mother Moose Jig Şarkı Sözleri

Once there was a little girl
A little girl with a little curl
Have you seen her?
My sweetie pretty little girl
Georgi Porgi pudding and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry
Have you seen him?
He really made the women cry

Mother Moose jig
Walk of broken leg
Mother Moose jig
Work of bottle neck

Let me call the pipes
Jug jig
Dubbing and drinking is welcome again
Let me call the drums
Jug jig
Sobbing and sobbing forever away

Georgi Porgi sat on the wall
Georgi Porgi had a great fall
Had a fall yeah
To pretty sweetie little girl
Right in the middle of forehead
When she's good she's pretty dead
Have you seen her?
When she was pretty little dead?

Mother Moose jig
Slam of broken leg
Mother Moose jig
Dance with broken neck

Twinkle little star
Jug jig
Growling and screaming will wake up your light
Gorgeous still you are
Jug jig
Gleaming and shining from left to the right

All the king's horses and all his men
Couldn't put Georgi together again
Not so bad Ma'am
Couldn't put him together again
When the boys came out to play
Georgi Porgi rot away
Rest in peace man
Quickly rapidly rot away

Mother Moose jig
Wring away the neck
Mother Moose jig
Dance you bloody jack

Merry old ling mole
Jug jig
Angling a compliment their bow knees to thee
Sing me good old soul
Jug jig
Put down your flipper on fiddlers three

Yankee monkey diddle doo
What you do is up to you
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