Wrong Answer - The World Is Empty Şarkı Sözleri

Tthe world is empty, devoid of life
The windows are barred
The doors are locked tight
I followed a whisper down an empty street
I see no opportunity, my life is just immune to me

I have spent my whole life searching for some shit i'll never find
I give up i fucking quit i'll settle for some peace of mind

The truth, i've known it since i was a child
There's nothing for me here
Still, pushed on past my denial
You tell me to persevere

I am past the point of listening to the ghosts that haunt this place
Just give me a target, let me point my hate towards a human face

I am no customer in the land of merchants (the world is empty)
I am no charmer in the world of serpents (the world is empty)
You locked me in this place, this fucking cage, now fucking face me
I am last one left, you can't erase me
The world is fucking empty
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