Wunder Years - The Wright Wrong Şarkı Sözleri

When history repeats itself this will be our take two
Unsolved blackboard math just like I'm erasing you
Drug the drinks I'll go off chasing grenades
Static beauty, a funeral serenade
Invisible men fall through your arms just to hit the floor
One fist was clenched, the other was clenching yours
Every blind smile brings braille frown
Pretty poison I drink you down
Angel gives wings from plastic heavens
Morning bruised shoulders I watched you pretend
Basing your life on the status of others
What are you looking for?
I faked asleep as you stained my cheek
I watched you shut the door
Say something real for direct effect
Bundled in smoke screens
I've seen you have dressed
Windmill in a dead calm if and when you catch your wind
I will be there with open arms.
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