Wyvern - It's a waste of time Şarkı Sözleri

My heart is a lion
That no one can tame
But I'm falling
I'm falling in love
In my heart
In my soul
I really hate to pay this toll
Should be strong
Young and bold
But the only thing
I feel is pain
It's all right
My sweet girl
It doesn't take much to forget
I believed in you
I was satisfied
I don't understand
That cruel and strange fate
Through the years
I will be a friend
For always
and forever
You betray me
Trust in you
You're not worth
My love for you
I can't explain
Just what you do
to me....girl....
Don't close your eyes
Don't cry for me
It's a waste of time
I don't believe in love
I don't think to pass
It's a waste if time
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