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Warriors Of The World
The components of the old system
Became weakened by the forces of evil
The rebels had destroyed them from within
A new system was then formed
>From the best picked warriors
In the known universe
These spirits of everlasting life
Had pulled themselves together and became invincible to all mankind

In the darkness of the night
The warriors shall prevail
They must fight for the right
To flee the gates of hell
They must kill of the demons
And let their prisoners go
And letting their courage show

In the break of day
In the land of the old
The hearts of the brave young warriors
Never grew cold

They fought for their freedom
And fought for their rights
But the bloody battle of life
Would only be won
By the warriors of the night

The warriors of the night
Fighting for love
And fighting for the right
The warriors fighting for love

The brilliance of these members
Together was like magic
A spell no one could
Break except themselves

These spirits wanted to share
Their enlightments
Together to a whole
But for them to be successful
They must use their intelligence
To overcome black forces
Which can destroy them physically
Emotionally and from within
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