X-large - Anguish Şarkı Sözleri

I don't know why
Why I'm like this
I don't feel very well
I'm afraid
No, I'm not
Therefore, I just need to control myself
I can't explain it
i'm not the only one
To think that it's the end
No more fun
No more chance
To be happy like my other friends
Hugo told me : « Relax my friend
You don't have any reason to scare yourself»
Daddy told me ; «It's all inyour head
Don't try to find the answer»
I have to live with this again
It's not the first time
And it's not the last
I just have to change the way I see things
Now, it's over and it's OK
Don't try to scare myself again
Thanks my friends for all the support
Without you, I couldn't put this shit behind me
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