X-Plod Bass - Gotsta Go Şarkı Sözleri

Da Brat-Intro
Welcome to the wonderful world of Miss Kelly Rowland
And im your host Da Brat tat-tat
So-So Def is in the building
Da Brat (Rap)
I gotta shake you off you like bad habit
That i gotta break so im taking off
Mistaking it all
All in ya face
At point blank range dont play with my heart
I was loyal, i was kind
I was a fool cause i was blind
Thought i was the one me the two
I was three times a lady for you
Creepin' in and out, sleeping all around
Think you a balla now?
I gotta trick for that booty
You a thing in the past
Where ya ??? callin' now
You'll never find another peach thats sweet as mine
Another river that's deep as mine
What you lose somebody else gon' find
Kelly (Verse 1)
Late night i hear you creepin'
4am footsteps laying there wit the man im sleeping
Laying there wondering (wondering)
Where you been (wondering) who she is
I wonder why you wake up, get dressed and step right outta here
This has gotta end
A fight we'll never win (win) it's just to deep to miss
I guess im to far in
If i continue to stay with you (you'll do it again)
I know you'll do it again
Yea you'll do it again
Never thought i could leave ya
Had to take back the rest of me
To get back the best of me
And no longer make believe
I tried to stay with you
But you never worked it out
You gave me strength to leave (leave)
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