X Raptor - Black Mirror Şarkı Sözleri

Digital procedures are writing the lines of a new history
While I walk on the streets like a madbeggar
The shapes and colors seem so perfectly cold
It all changes, a black mirror on the ground and death's eyes opened on me

Crashed Reality
Mankind: the martyr of de-construction

Mirror mirror...(on the ground)

My reflection inside The Black Mirror
Through the concrete jungle, across the cybertime
Your reflection inside The Black Mirror
Horror images from a dying land

The abyss of vanity intrinsic to the human feature
Has become our social contrast
Our world reflected by the cutting glass of truth
Evil, insanity: are part of the Real

(Lead - Sant'Ana)

Black dragons spitting smoke and fire to the sky
Like visions from the polluted Metropolis with its dirty fumes
Beasts and demons hipnotizing the hopeless souls
Oh! But they're just businessmen acting perfidiously


My reflection inside (The Black Mirror)
Look into the mirror...
Look at your future...
Look into the...
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