Zygnema - What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete Şarkı Sözleri

We are falling to the ultimate depths of desperation and greed,
Loosing ourselves in the search for perfection and need.

Damn the seed - hypocrisy. Humanity is all we need,
But what we give is decay.

This is a rise or bacterial fashion,
Predetorial race of constant modification.

Your deeds are in question,
Pathetic attempts of systematic desecration.

Altering what surrounds us,
Destroying what defines us.

Man, who made his own need gave birth to a hostile breed.
Disordered, Corrupted.

Like a shattered core of a soulless whore,
We were better without the need for more.

What answers are we looking for?
What we've become?
Monsters of a new era.

Broadcast - Debris of your holy war,
Corrosion - Altercation of cancerous spawn of man.

Annihilate the course but the cause of hate still remains,
Pacify the burnt but the scars of hate still remain,
What makes us human is obsolete.

Integrity and honor have not just been lost,
They have been forgotten

And we have lost ourselves beyond reconciliation.
We've lost ourselves.
Into the transition of a permanent effect
We are, who we are now,
(A self delusional progress of ourselves,)
We are, who we are now,
(And a certain curse of wreck for the rest.)

What makes us human is obsolete,
What makes us human is obsolete.
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