Lachrimatory - Carnal Abyss Şarkı Sözleri

Be damned, dark poisons
Full of snakes from the lust
Affliction sleep
Hallucinating in darkness

In virgin deliria
I could not feel your dark spasm
The full moons dying vaporize
Wishing for suck thy eyes

Be carnal, so many wishes
I know wich infernal cross bounded you
The arms

Take my self in your bed
Take me in your deliriums
Take me in silence, sweet carnal abyss

Autum kisses freshen my soul
Eternally rimaining for you
My painfull

From your mouth I drank wailful blood
Now you belong to me
Alone I enter inside you
Tearing your inocence

Burning flame of fornication
I listen to your whispers
Traveling through the blackness

Hatefully my hands opress
Your possessed flesh
Sliding upon your white body
Powerful sounds enter in the fourth
Bringing the seeds of madness

Eternally remaining for you
My lengthy anguish
Your presence disgusts me
Shalt higher now to your coward God
Bitch devout

Foggy and frosty strange sensation of
Our sin
Our bodies entwine
Becoming the love unreal
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