Lachrimatory - Lachrimatory Şarkı Sözleri

It's like opening your eyes everyday
Live the entire life without the time
Dispersed in an instant
Returns the journey' start

Feeling confused
Chained in the body
The desires close within
Wandering on the streets
Moments of emptiness speak for themselves

Now I know the point I have reached

Certain people scare me
So superficial
Their beauty and virtues

I absorb their hopes and failures

Searching for something
Getting lost among shadows and fallacious looks
The destiny of life

Would this be the way?

Years pass by
And I go on in fear
Fear of not finding
Can't even think about this

I bring along
Your image, your shape, your perfume
But at the same time I let myself go
And anywhere I go
Only hopes and failures

Only your silhouette lighten up this eyes
The same eyes that close
To finally find
The serenety inside myself

Or return to the start

You are just a transient receptacle
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