Lachrimatory - Impure Heart Şarkı Sözleri

December. 1450 a.d
The plague devastates the mankind
The despair takes hold of the streets

Through the window
I see people that doesn't have anything
Besides the cold as their only bed
Where they spill their cold winter tears

Oh pain! Sovereign of the human feelings
Suffering, the tyrant that desolates the souls
The chaos is supreme
Disillusion, the cause of my anguish

My spirit rest in the darkness
As a lethal glance involved in mourning
I hear the silence, but
Full grief screams destroy my desires
In the echoes of the infinite

My body, whose face nobody knows
Removes the last vital forces
Of those which in vain seek salvation
I destroy their hopes and take them for my

However, the splendor of thy face
Illuminated me
With rays of freedom
Thou wert the more beautiful damsel
Conceived by the nature
As goddess of salvation
My salvation

The innocence of thy glance bewitched
The ones that dared approach of thy look
And I was too near

My arms involved thee
My reason was far
The lust possessed us
But my demoniac nature commanded me

The darkness dissipated all the light
All the dreams were dead
On the wall, the mirror, showed me
The unseen evil destroyed thee, my beloved
Making a horrendous supper of blood

What remains me now
Is to let the blood flow
Forthese incisions in my pulses
Because with blood I write my sad memories
Memories of my impure heart
Lifeless, but immortal
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