Lachrimatory - Seclusion Şarkı Sözleri

My eyes descry a thought
It is profound...
Yet diffuse of feelings
Nourishment of mental survival
It keeps lethargic my sensitive perception

I hear only whispers of the symphony
Oh! The Great Mother weeps in lament
Composing an alienated minimalism
But with depressing arpeggios

Sighs of anxiety
Make me silence with others
I don't feel myself as a culprit for that
I go to its meeting...
I'm leaving for another level

I fall asleep forever
On the mausoleum of fascination
Pouring the meaning of life
Passing through (Crossing... ) my past
With worth, without reason... with forgiveness

All is a whole - Imaginary
A chimaera of existence
Sad and beautifull...

... Leave me alone!

I want to live within the proper mind
Without needing to open the eyes
For thus I shall find...

... Seclusion.
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